We specialise in casting all kinds of Cast Iron,Ductile Iron,Special Alloyed Iron,Steel,Copper,Aluminium & custom made Wood Patterns

Industries Served

CGL Foundry has been supplying high quality castings for customers in many different fields.

We use our decades of experience and our proven casting techniques to deliver net shape or near-net shape cast parts with tight tolerances that will meet or exceed any industry standards. We will deliver custom castings that match your design exactly, in the material you need and the quantities you require. 

For nearly 40 years, CGL Foundry offers high quality castings for customers in a broad range of industries. Our custom metal castings deliver quality and durability that meets the demands of even the toughest industrial applications. Industries we serve include:


                        Architectural & Decorative

                          Automotive/ Truck Parts


                       Fitness Weight Equipment

                                Food and Dairy

                             Gas & Oil Engeering

                               General Engineering

                  Industrial & Heavy Equipment

                                   Marine Egineering

                    Medical Devices And Equipment

                                Railroad,Highway Parts


                                 Power Transmission 

                        Water Valves Pipe Fittings

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